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Vampire Preface and Introduction
by Nox (dea_nox)
at August 23rd, 2007 (03:56 pm)

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I wrote the beginnings of our vampire files a while ago, but there's (of course) lots more to do.

Preface …

In this world vampires are real, and they walk amongst you. The subject of numerous myths and legends, and yet known to exist for centuries – silently preying upon the living, manipulating rulers and governments for their whim and pleasure, making puppets of mortal men and women.

Vampire. Just the word evokes a visceral feeling of fear, a traitorous shiver of longing from mortal hearts. Sensual and terrifying, vampires are both a frightening horror and a guilty delight; shadowy, furtive creatures who exploit all the darkest emotions hidden in man’s innermost heart. Lust, fear, terror, longing, desire, envy, obsession; all these feed a vampire’s hunger and grant them power.

What Vampires Are …

Vampires are the undead; creatures who, after death, rise up to prey upon the blood of the living. They are predators, pure and simple. They must regularly ingest the blood of living, intelligent beings or suffer a protracted and painful descent into madness and eventual death. Animal blood, the blood of the dead or of other vampires, and cold blood – such as blood from a blood bank – offer them no true sustenance. Vampires can, with care, conceivably live forever; this, however, should not be mistaken for immortality. Vampires have a number of weaknesses which can be exploited to bring about their demise.

Vampirism has been called a disease, much like lycanthropy; however, the animating force that actually allows the vampire to rise each night is akin to necromancy. It has been proven that the blood-borne contagion that affects the change to the vampiric condition can be eliminated or purged from a vampire’s body, but without it the ‘cured’ body becomes merely a corpse; the vampire is truly dead and does not become a living human again.

Lycanthropy and vampirism are mutually exclusive conditions; a vampire cannot contract the lycanthropy virus, and a lycanthrope cannot become a vampire. Fae, as well, are resistant to the contagion which causes vampirism; however, there are a few rare cases which are cause for speculation. It is believed that Marmee Noir – the Mother of All Darkness – is both a lycanthrope and a vampire, as are the servants who have shared her long slumber. In addition, at least one of her few vampire offspring seems to be of fae blood. It’s thought that over millennium the vampiric virus has changed so that in modern mortals it cannot coexist in those infected with lycanthropy or who have fae blood.

In order for a human to become a vampire they must be bitten three times, ending in their death, with only one vampire feeding over the span of several days to roughly a month. The body will rise as a vampire on the third night after their death.

Three bites in less than three nights, or waiting more than a month’s time for the third bite, will simply cause death; the body will not rise as a vampire. It is speculated that the human body can ‘fight off’ the contagion that causes vampirism if a third bite and death do not occur within the one month timeframe. A very powerful Master vampire may cause a human to rise as a vampire with only one bite, if the feeding resulted in death – but this is exceptionally rare.