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Nox [userpic]
by Nox (dea_nox)
at September 21st, 2007 (04:34 pm)
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Right now I'm thinking that at startup I'm going to make myself personally responsible for all jobs. What does that mean? That I'll need to at least *touch* on each job before it's completed.

Not because I don't trust whatever staff we eventually get - because I really hope we'll have people who are friends and trustworthy. But because I think I need to do that in order to have a feel for the kinds of players we get, and what sorts of things they're asking about, as well as see what needs clarification or changing in the news files. If things seem to be going smoothly, I hope not to have to do that for very long.

I'd like to have a 24-48 hour turn around, since _someone_ should be on every day, at some point. Not sure how well that will work, however. It'll depend on the number of players and how demanding they turn out to be. Hopefully not too much, I'm really trying to create someplace where the players have as much self-determination as possible and the tools they'll need to work out their problems and stories without turning to the staff often. Hope. :)