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After Vacation Update
by Nox (dea_nox)
at June 26th, 2007 (09:12 am)

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Well, I did mention that putting this place together will take a while. I don't want to get burned out on Rome so when the blah's hit I take time off. I actually haven't taken as much time off as might be implied by the last update of 4/9, however. :) I've read a crazy number of books, and watched the first season of ROME - that series that was on HBO or something. Overall not bad.

Anyway, if MU news:

+roomtype (+rtype) is set up. This is an easy way to indicate what kind of consent/rp status each room has by designating particular colors for the room names and exits. Basically -

Green - Public: RP OK, open to all characters
Yellow - Public, consecrated ground: RP OK, open to all characters except vampires. Things like churches and other places where vamps would probably burst into flames when they walked into the room. We thought it'd be a good idea to have these rooms be obvious.
Red - Public Non-Consent: RP OK, open to all characters. Consent rules will not apply in these areas. Things like the underground and catacombs. If a character is there, they have automatically consented to whatever may happen. This isn't as bad and some may thing, since we WILL have a combat system, so if you don't want to be a victim you can fight back as much as you're able.
'Normal' - Private: Private rooms will be whatever the normal text color of your browser is. For instance, my text is black on a white screen. Other might have white or grey on a black screen. We aren't using those colors for any of the other rooms.
Cyan (I think) - Staff: Staff areas are a highlight cyan I think.
Blue (Again, I think - OOC: OOC areas are a highlight blue, I think. :) This includes the welcome room and chargen areas.

Speaking of consent, we're going to use a modified consent rule that I haven't written up yet. Mostly common-sense stuff, I hope. Other places I've found that consent is basically a way to resolve character conflict (or more often, an out for offending characters to avoid consequences) and hopefully we'll avoid alot of that angst by use of the combat system. There will be a few different ways to use it to resolve issues, not just physical force, so I'm hoping it'll work pretty well.

+exit is set up. This is just a command to automatically set exit messages and stuff. Very nice for when I'm feeling lazy. :)

A lot of the grid is built, and just needs describing. I used a few maps of Rome for the layout so it's probably not too intuitive. Hopefully people like exploring! :) I did put in a Metro system to make getting around a bit easier, and we'll have an OOC grid nexus with exits leading to central rooms. Maybe a taxi code too, I haven't decided on that yet.

Enough for now, I'll try to make the updates more frequent.

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Progress Update
by Nox (dea_nox)
at April 9th, 2007 (01:55 pm)

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I've actually been doing some work inside the MUX rather than off-line.

1. The OOC areas are mapped out and built
2. +help @register has been re-written
3. I learned to edit the News files
4. News AUP, News Fair Use, and News Privacy have been written and uploaded(?)
5. The IC grid has been started.

I've started writing the vampire theme files, and am deciding what other policies we'll need to have in place before opening. Right now I know we need an Idle Character policy, some kind of Discrimination and Harrassment policy, and a Consent policy. We're probably going to combine a Disciplinary policy that I wrote for elsemu* with an semi-automated disciplinary coding system that the husband found and is working on revising.

Coded Systems
by minervawiz (minervawiz)
at March 20th, 2007 (11:11 pm)

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Things in place already:

SGP base globals including RPPack and places
Myrrdin's BB
+wear (Anomaly multi-descer using altered command names)
+watch (taken from Gwen Morse's MU page)

Things still needed:

A lot.  But to include:

Anomaly Jobs
Chargen system (based loosely on FUDGE rules)
Combat system (also based on FUDGE rules, but emulating HellMUSH's RPG system)

There are several other things that also need to be completed.  One is figuring out how to ansi-fy exits to indicate if they lead to a public, private, or OOC room.  I think the way it would be done would be to have an 'Access' attribute placed on the object (exit, room) and then create a command that does error checking (making sure that it's an exit or room) and then creates the proper ansi-fied exit name or room name.  This will include altering the +where command to list public/private/OOC rooms (either through ANSI or as a column) and the exitformat on the parent room to account for the different access attribute values.

+help for @register updated.  Removed alt as a parameter and replaced with age.  This is necessary as part of agreeing to the AUP.  Need to also update +help to include commands for +watch.  Need to reorganize +help into specific categories such as communication and RP commands.  A +accept command also needs to be coded.

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Chargen Steps
by Nox (dea_nox)
at March 16th, 2007 (01:03 pm)

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Player Process:

1. @register and accept AUP
2. Set up basic information (sex, @desc, short-desc, app-age, age)
3. If requesting a Master-level vampire or Advanced Human concept, submit request to Staff. If not requesting one of these concepts or the concept is approved, move to step 4.
4. Background and +sheet
6. Request character approval
7. When approved, complete +finger, +info, and assign any additional XP granted

Staff Process:

1. If a Player requests a Master-Level or Advanced Human concept, the appropriate Staff person will review the concept. If approved apply a stnote indicating approval.

2. When a character requested approval:

Verify that their background is completed, review for flow, content, and overall understanding of theme. Spelling and grammer should be adequate, but don't have to be perfect. This is the point where I would like to see players asked to go elsewhere. This is a text based game. If they can't write a coherent background that follows the theme and shows intelligence and imagination, I'd rather they not play on my game. They may still turn out to be twinks later on, but at least they'll be twinks with solid concepts.

Review for Background/+sheet appropriateness. Does thier XP spread make sense based on their background? I don't care if they have abilities on their sheet not specifically stated in the BG. There's no way a Background can really cover everything someone may have picked up over a lifetime. BUT there shouldn't be powers stated in the BG that they don't have on their sheet and all their points shouldn't be dumped into one or two things, completely neglecting everything else. This doesn't make for a balanced character.

Check for an @desc, basic +finger info, @register information (to make sure it's not garbage)

3. Assign additional XP if approved (and appropriate). Extra XP will be determined on an individual basis, using a predetermined 'formula' that adds XP based on certain criteria. Some of those are going to be:

Humans: Age
Advanced Humans: Age, years since ability manifested
Vampires: Age, Master vampires may receive a small bonus, but they're getting an extra step in rank so it won't be alot.
Lycanthropes: Age, years since infection

In the beginning, we may offer an XP bonus if players choose to create character who have been in the city a decade or more, or are natives. We may also offer a small 'welcome' bonus to the first X number of players.

This flow will probably be changed and refined, but this is the general idea.

**Modified to simplfy proces

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'Do-Over' or Sheet Revision Policy
by Nox (dea_nox)
at March 14th, 2007 (01:15 pm)

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The Sheet Revision Policy has been posted to NEWS on game.

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Notes Posted
by Nox (dea_nox)
at March 13th, 2007 (11:36 am)

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I've posted the notes I wrote while reading the Anita Blake series this last time in my personal journal, and tried to order them a little better than in my original document.

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by Nox (dea_nox)
at March 8th, 2007 (09:44 am)

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I've started writing a kind of mission statement for Rome, and in doing so I started thinking about our timeline problem again. The Anita Blake series has been written over the last 13 or 14 years, but by most 'timelines' (starting with the first publication in 1993) the story has only progressed about 4 - 5 years. The author makes references to recent types of events and technologies and doesn't stick to the mid-late 90's stuff that you might expect if you try to keep the story within a 'real world' setting. This kind of created our problem, since we couldn't decide to go with a late 90's themed MU or set it in the current, with all the attendant problems with either. Now I'm thinking of going another route.

Basically, I think we may lose the year dates altogether and take a page from LKH. Month/day/season dates will still be used so that events can be planned, but it's not any particular year. This way we can set the game on the same generic timeline as the books (vampires having been legal between 5-7 years in the U.S.) but still incorporate elements from current events and modern technologies.

It's not perfect, but I think it will work as a compromise.

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XP and Stats
by Nox (dea_nox)
at January 19th, 2007 (08:22 am)
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I know we want an XP system to compliment the stats system, but I can't decide what exactly I want it to be. At the moment I'm considering a 'system' that will look at three basic points.

1. Some kind of +vote thing that accumulates votes for players over a month's time and lets us gauge how active in general they are. We'll encourage players to give votes only for that rp they think was good/worthwhile. Don't vote for that guy who stood in the back and posted two, 3 word poses about leaning against the bar. Please, that's not good or worthwhile.

2. Posted logs. Logs (I think I've said before) will be pretty much _general_ ic information (you know so and so were talking at the coffee shop, you may not ICly know the content of their conversation) to encourage RP. Kudos to those who post and allow scenes with them in them to be posted. We'll take this into consideration.

3. General OOC attitude. Do they volunteer to Storytell? Are other players complaining about their twinkery? Are they generally pretty active? This is hard to gauge, but the +vote number should at least give us an idea if they're rp'ing and participating, other than that we'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

A straight +vote system that automatically assigns XP is going to be out of the question. I'm just not comfortable with awarding points that can be used to upgrade a person's sheet based only on automated +votes. However, we will have to keep on top of alot to make the other stuff work, so we'll see.

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by Nox (dea_nox)
at January 12th, 2007 (03:02 pm)

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There will be four main Spheres for Rome. Vampire, Lycanthropes, Gifted Human, and Human.

Vampire will include the lines for Morte d'Amour, Belle Morte, Padma, and the Dragon. We will also include a line for night hags, with Morvoren being the sourdre de sang. Marmee Noir (Mother Darkness, The Sweet Dark), the Earthmover, and the Traveler will not be playable vampire lines. I'm not completely sold on allowing vampires from the line of the Dragon, but for now I'm going to say we will be doing so.

Shapeshifter species will be limited to Wolf, Rat, Lion, Leopard, and Tiger at the beginning. We'll probably allow a few others to be introduced as time goes on, but there won't be a bunch of exotic shifters running around. All shifters, with the exceptions of avian species, will be predators. There will be no 'cursed' shifters either. All shifters will have either inherited their condition genetically through their family line, or been infected with the lycanthropy virus. Size guidelines will be spelled out in game, and we'll expect everyone to adhere to them. I really don't want any six hundred pound werewolves or ten pound foxes on our game. Call me prejudiced, but I just don't like it.

Humans will be either Plain Jane normals, or Gifted Humans. Gifted Humans will have some sort of inborn psychic ability. We're not going to allow magic - as in witches and mages and such - to start. A magic system would involve too much from scratch work and I don't want to mess with it right now.

We WON'T be allowing tri's or necromancers, probably some other stuff too.

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Stats and Combat
by Nox (dea_nox)
at January 6th, 2007 (04:04 pm)
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Some of the first coded pieces that will be implemented on the game are the stats, combat, and chargen systems. We intend to have a coded +sheet/stats that will support a coded +test/combat system. Combat will incorporate four elements; primary attributes, secondary skills/abilities, rank, and luck. This is how the combat and stats should come together.Collapse )