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Nox [userpic]
Progress Update
by Nox (dea_nox)
at August 29th, 2007 (02:55 pm)

current mood: busy


1. The main grid is done, yay!
2. Wrote up the Character Types room and added information about offered species/bloodlines/gifts. Added view specific to vampires, and another with general information.
3. Started mapping the flow of the NEWS Theme files.
4. Wrote up first room of chargen.
5. Started a working list for Skills and Gifted Human Abilities. Weeding things out and deciding what makes sense/how it would work with the proposed combat/test system.
6. Created a 'theatre' nexus, and rooms for off-grid RP.

Still to Do:

1. Determine Skills, Abilities, and Intrinsics we'll offer. Decide what, if any, prerequisites each will require.
2. Write additional consent, harrassment, and idle character policies.
3. Write Theme files.
4. Add FAQ News file.
5. Map and build sewers and catacombs for the underground.
6. Map and build outlying 'wilderness' areas.
7. Add residential streets, apartments, a hotel or two, restaurants, bars, clubs.
8. Create a building policy, determine character quotas.

Once Chargen and Combat system are coded:

1. Write up Chargen rooms.
2. Write News files for xp spending.
3. Write News files for combat and challenges.
4. Set up BB and OOC channels.